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Welcome to my blog. This has become a little hobby for me so I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!

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This Blogging Bizniss…

This Blogging Bizniss…

Which I have actually had no clue about up until a few months ago and can still only say that I probably know about 17% of what I am actually doing on here and how and where and wtf..?!

So thanks for trusting in me enough to even read this post as it will hopefully give my readers, who “Ma and Aunty Baby” are first-time blog-readers and have as little knowledge of what to look at or click on next – just as I didn’t. Or did.

I will start by giving you a little background into how I got to write this, and ultimately, how you got to read this. I have always been an avid “Diary Writer” and throughout the years collected a variety of these books – from the “fancy”, with sweet powder smelling pages with feint water-marked flowers on each page, to the “basic” which was normally recycled paper or school notebooks which I ended up turning into scrapbook-type memorabilia with all the things I used to stick in including stones and feathers and scrumpled notes - which us, as all teenage girls romanticize about, because its related to a boy or a moment or just general growing up.

“Diarizing” has always been described as therapeutic and it has always been good for me to write when I have no one to talk to or don’t want to talk to. And thoughts just make more sense once they are on paper. So for me, the blogging idea started when I just had far too much time on my hands and longed for a life I had left behind and inspiration just came to me.

Now I am not saying I am very good at this or even if what I write makes any sense, but I enjoy it. And throughout my years, I have learnt that that is what matters most.

So, my first written ‘piece’, needed a home. I did a bit of research (and created a few more pieces in the meantime) and bloglovin’ was a good basis of what I was looking for and after signing up and following a few bloggers, I realized I needed a platform. Instagram has been my one of my favourite social media pastimes for over a year now (along with Pinterest which I have loved and will love forever!) and on Instagram I noticed on one of my favourite travel pages that the lady didn’t just post amazing pictures of her travels, but she blogged about them too. Her blog looked so chic and simple so after reading her spiel about her blogging, I was inspired to go with Squarespace, above Word Press. Also because I wanted to push myself into “investing” in a site and my own web name etc etc. So it’s all still very new and I am still unsure of how to connect everything up, but I am learning and I hope “inspiration” keeps coming to me as all I ask in return is if you respond and follow me and comment and give me tips too!

Thanks guys!

A Middle Eastern Gem - Jordan

A Middle Eastern Gem - Jordan