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Handing in Ones Notice…

Handing in Ones Notice…

So this is never easy is it?

How did I get to this decision?

Will I regret it?

How do I word this?

Is my reason good enough?

Will I offend anyone?

Yip… that is what is going through my head right now. My Boss, is a pretty awesome dude. If he wasn’t, then this would be much easier. Also the fact that I have only been here for 3 months may have something to do with the guilt as now he has to find a newbie, just as he is getting used to me.

And I have noticed that in my overly male dominated office, since I made this decision, that my colleagues are chatting to me more, asking how I’m settling in and calling me by name, even though I am still unsure of theirs. I feel it has taken a while to even get some recognition so am I throwing this all away too?

|Fast Forward 1 month….|

Ok. So notice has been handed in. Yes, my awesome Boss was not so happy (not in an angry way, but in a disappointed way) which was humbling, but made the relief not as sweet as it could’ve been. It is protocol to give 2 months’ notice at my current Company as there is a lot to tie up and also includes a relocation. And to be honest, I am quite glad for that extra month as it literally just whizzed by!?

It’s been interesting to see how people get used to you being around and then when they hear the news you are leaving, they each come to you in their own way. I noticed all the younger guys were all for “moving back for Love” “at least you gave it a shot” and were able to relate to their own similar stories and generally seem to have a more “living in the moment” approach much like mine. And then the older guys stand by my desk with a bit more of a serious manner and ask questions regarding the future that the younger guys didn’t think of. The older guys urge me to extend my 2 months’ notice to 4 months! “as it’s not an easy job market out there” “you need to use your head but take your heart with you” “think about it some more”. And I tell them all that with this decision I used both my head and heart... and the process continues.

I think the main thing to always take away from each Company you leave – and I know this from my own experience and also from others who have the same outlook – is that you need to be able to leave on such terms that if the case ever arose that you needed to return, then you would be welcomed back with open arms. It’s a tough one because as soon as your notice letter is read once or twice, the process of looking for a replacement is already underway and you will soon become old news if you do not keep enthusiastic and as hard working as before. 

And yes, we all move on and evolve and so do your Bosses! So keep your head up, stay true to your decision and always, always remain grateful.

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A Middle Eastern Gem - Jordan

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